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Brand3 is published by Triple Strength, a creative studio focused on graphic design, branding, environmental design and interactive web development. Editorial content and submissions are intended to provide insight of Triple Strength and the brands we interact with on a daily basis.

Brand3, or Brand Cubed if you prefer, is an obvious work play of our brand, Triple Strength. It is also a reflection of the three components integral to creating brands—aesthetics, storytelling and functionality.


There’s no mistaking a great brand’s evocative style or its affect on the senses. The look and feel of a distinctive brand is instantly recognizable. What do we associate with brands? What makes a brand appealing?


Whole cultures have advanced thanks in part to the ancient storytellers entrusted with interpreting a tribe’s “brand.” Great narrative seeks a person’s interest and permanent lodging in the memory of millions. It’s the important cognitive stuff—the content—so are we listening, and to whom?


With every new invention in the field of communications, Marshal McLuhan’s insightful “The medium is the message” grows increasingly prescient. Online, on packaging, or on the radio, the form by which information is conveyed is inseparable from the message being received. Does the medium serve a purpose? Alter perceptions? We’ll share our experiences…

…we invite you to share yours.

Posted by Hung Nguyen on October 23, 2009
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